At Anto Apparel, we are continuously striving to reduce our overall carbon footprint and environmental impact. With conscious consumerism at the forefront, we are taking active steps towards sustainability, including; manufacturing for ourselves, researching and sourcing environmentally friendly fabric, packaging materials and reducing our use of plastic. We are always looking at ways we can be even better as we value our planet and are committed to making a better future. 

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Did you know Anto Apparel garments are manufactured in our own studio in Reservoir by a small team of passionate and talented Aussies. We also support the local fashion industry by producing for other small Australian labels.

Our founders Angelo and Tommika are hands on in the factory each day, working closely with team to ensure we are producing the highest quality garments in the most sustainable way possible.

One of the major benefits of manufacturing in Melbourne is the significant reduction in emissions produced between the design and manufacturing process, compared to manufacturing offshore. Manufacturing locally is important to us because we love being hands on throughout the process from concept to completion. Making our own garments allows us to offer small limited-edition pieces, which are made to order and re-cut by popular demand. With this flexibility we never need to over order fabric or over produce our garments. We also love the opportunity to support other local businesses in the textile industry and connect with our community.

By making the choice to shop with Anto Apparel, you are buying knowing that your garments are made ethically by local, skilled people whose rights and working entitlements are being upheld, protected and celebrated.


All garments are designed in Melbourne. We source local made materials or reuse ex designer fabrics which have been discarded. Once the garment is designed it makes the very short journey within our studio from the cutting table, to the machine, to the iron and upstairs to be packed and shipped to your door. Through this process we have eliminated a need to meet supplier minimum order quantities, saved excess packaging from suppliers and carbon emissions through freight.

We take an always learning approach to minimise and utilise waste and our footprint on the planet:

We only cut garments that are presold or to meet demand.

We reduce waste by reusing any excess fabric or making small items such as face and eye masks.

We donate any additional leftover fabric to local kindergartens, schools and artist studios.

We finish garments downstairs in our factory and fold them ready for dispatch.

No plastic packaging or air freight needed.

We recycle the hangers and return them to the factory for reuse on our next production run.

We use biodegradable packaging which can be re used and composted.


Since we launched Anto Apparel, our small label has been made with love in Melbourne by our team of talented makers who are an integral part of our business. They are family to us and their talent lay in the quality of our garments. We are so proud to run our own manufacturing studio where we can make our own garments and support other local labels by manufacturing for them too.


When designing, we are thinking of the customer first. What is she asking for, where will she wear this and how many times?

There are key design elements that we always endeavour to keep in mind such as bust coverage, arm coverage, appropriate lengths on all items and sophisticated silhouettes in order to instantly make our customer feel at ease in our garments.

Comfort and versatility are key to designing our garments, we focus on timeless classics that can last in your wardrobe year after year. We believe there is beauty in simplicity. The strongest pieces in any wardrobe are the ones that are classic and can be styles through each season.

Sustainable for life


We design our garments so they will last as treasures in your wardrobe. From only using quality materials, to our exceptional Melbourne manufacturing, and an extensive quality control process, we do our best to ensure you are able to enjoy Anto Apparel for life.

We all have a responsibility when it comes to sustainability and hope you care for your garments as we do. We strongly believe through love and care, it is possible to extend the life of your clothes. We want to share some tips that we hope will be helpful when selecting and caring for your garments.


Invest in trans-seasonal clothes that can be worn all year round

Reach out to the designer to see if they will repair your damaged clothes or learn to tailor them yourself

Choose quality over quantity

Steam your garments when washing isn’t necessary to save water and the fabric life.

Store your garments correctly, folding and hanging can damage certain pieces.

Invest in the correct tools to remove lint and pilling

Use an environmentally friendly detergent.

Use a cold wash where possible

Hang outside to try rather than tumble dry.


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which we design and make our clothes. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community.

While this is certainly a new journey for Anto Apparel, we are excited about the challenges ahead and feel hopeful to inspire change, by sharing our story and extending our knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us and our journey towards a more sustainable future. If you would like to get in contact, please email us at or visit us on Instagram @antoapparel

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